Why Cohoat Business Growth?



John has been associated with Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC) since 2009 and is a great student of their approach and trained by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. John understands what it’s means to be in business for ourselves. We “get” how lonely it can be out here. Let’s face it! When you’re a business owner the buck stops with you.

We also make no apologies for who we are. We boldly take a stand for our right to pursue extraordinary success. And while the brand of John Cohoat Style Marketing is measurable, affordable, and effective, it isn’t right for everyone.

Why would we say that? Because some people simply refuse to change or try something new! We’re sure you know someone with this mindset. This individual goes through life [and business] with blinders on and cannot see past what their industry is currently doing or has done. We think it’s important to remember that the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting different results. So, for this person, GKIC may not be the right choice.

Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer have created small business marketing strategies based on several simple foundations. Dan has been known to say, “… effective marketing ain’t rocket science…” and he admonishes using good old-fashioned common sense. Dan created a MARKETING TRIANGLE more than 20 years ago that still continues to be relevant, powerful and results driven today. And it boils down to this:

Fail to address one of these effectively in your marketing strategy and you will leave money on the table.

These marketing strategies includes delving into:

We’re not going to go into depth on these strategies here but suffice to say John cover them with every copy project and consultation.  Here’s a tidbit of information – – – no media is inherently good or bad and that statement is often a surprise. The reason being, as you understand more about Cohoat Style Marketing you’ll be able to use all forms of media profitably and have many more choices for promoting your small business than you do now – and that’s something you can take to the bank.

There is so much to learn and explore about: Message, Markets, Media and that’s the whole point of every copywriting project or strategic marketing consultation!

Probably the most misinformed statement we’ve heard is, “But, MY business is different!” Here is something you do NOT want to forget. If you insist on paying attention only to examples, ideas and information from your specific industry, you guarantee status quo results or worse yet, your INSANITY! Remember the definition of INSANITY? The marketing police will come for you with the white jacket! Don’t let that happen.

Seriously! Our job – with John’s Consulting, Writing, Coaching and Speaking- is to share ALL the very best, most amazing, absolutely powerful small business marketing strategies and ideas we can find from wherever we can get them.

Your job is to look past the fact that the example comes from the pet grooming business and you are a financial planner or vice versa, extract the core strategies, translate and transfer to your business. This “translate and transfer whatever works” mindset is a very valuable, personal asset you can develop with time by hanging around us!

YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE in profiting to the max when you work with John will be getting over “my business is different thinking.”

YOUR GREATEST GAIN will be hanging around so you can learn the “translate and transfer mindset.”