Mastermind Groups

We’ve all heard the saying, “No man is an island to himself” and if you’re a savvy business person, you know how valuable it is to surround yourself with energetic, forward-thinking, successful people – – and THAT’S the objective of these Mastermind Groups. Take advantage of this powerful growth opportunity and join a group today.

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These group are limited to less than 10 members and we meet monthly. We strive to be serious students of Glazer-Kennedy style marketing and finding ways to apply these tactics to our businesses. The goal is  IMPLEMENTATION, so each month you have a chance to update us on your progress. This ACCOUNTABILITY helps us keep each other on track, provide encouragement, challenge one another and offer suggestions to for forward moving strategies.

What are the benefits of a Mastermind Group?

The hottest benefit is you get 5 Beneficial Business-Building Experiences in 1 Program

  • Facilitated, Accelerated Learning & Application of Kennedy Marketing and Success Strategies
  • Friendly Accountability & Encouragement
  • A Mastermind Group Experience *is* Thinking Multiplied
  • Peer Advisory “Sounding Boards”
  • Opportunity for Co-Operative Alliances with Other Local Business Professionals

Who Should Participate?

Any business owner/entrepreneur/professional/self-employed person who…

  • Has an open mind & progressive attitude
  • Is extremely busy and needs a time efficient way to learn and grow
  • Is eager to substantially increase income
  • Is eager to bend the business to fit personal & lifestyle preferences – work on your own terms
  • Values being part of a creative process
  • Is always interested in self-improvement
  • Can be counted on to participate

Who Should NOT Participate?

Any business owner/entrepreneur/professional/self-employed person who…

  • Is set in his/her ways or is fearful of change
  • Is satisfied with or stuck on your present advertising, marketing and sales methods
  • Has NO need or desire for an increase in income, wealth or business value.
  • Is selfish
  • Is a know-it-all
  • Is NOT respectful of others’ input and opinions

If you have gotten this far, you are probably one of those people.

Think and Grow Rich Success Principles

Think and Grow Rich, written decades ago by Napoleon Hill, is a great book for you to study and one of the classic business and self-improvement books of all time. Hill studied the most successful people on Earth at the behest of Andrew Carnegie. Hill identified 16 characteristics of most successful people.

Here I have listed a few:

  • Burning Desire was one. Passion and enthusiasm are necessary. Sometimes we need to recharge this feeling. Successful people reinvent themselves and find ways to re-stimulate and get excited.
  • Specialized Knowledge was another key to success. We all believe in the value of marketing and are obtaining specialized knowledge in marketing and other key components of operating a business.
  • Successful people are constantly stimulating their VISION.
  • What are you doing to be more creative and use your imagination?
  • Ask yourself, ‘How can I be a ground-breaker in my industry or business to take us to new heights?’
  • Can you imagine your own future?
  • Do you set goals and visualize those goals?
  • Do you CREATE your own reality?


If you accept this, it’s easier to accept the bumps in the road.

The POWER of the Mastermind was one of the most important traits observed by Napoleon Hill. Most of these people have several Mastermind groups they call upon.

  • Board of Directors
  • Key Advisors
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs
  • Successful Sales Professionals
  • Corporate Executives
  • Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Small Business Owners
  • Any successful professional open to sharing ideas.

Important Mastermind Facts

  • Coaching is also a key component of Mastermind Groups. Keeps you on track and encourages you, challenges you. Keeps you accountable.
  • Normally you can’t find these people right around you. You need a fresh, objective set of eyes to eliminate blind spots.
  • Sometimes you really have no one to share your feelings, fears and inner thoughts. A Mastermind Group will share in your success and understand why you might fail occasionally. They won’t sugarcoat things.
  • A Mastermind Group can help you explore new areas and also improve your perspective on the personal/business life balance.
  • Even the most talented have coaches and support teams (e.g. Tiger Woods, Richard Branson).

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