If You Are Wondering About What This World needs…

This Book Dares To Take On All the Political Parties and World Governments …The Answers Are What Many Have Suspected… Christian Morality Must Lead Our Nation and Our World Back

By John S. Cohoat

I heard about this book over a year ago and ordered it. As I quickly read it, I was floored. Finally I saw someone actually willing to stand up and speak the truth about our problems.

The book makes so much sense but has insight that most of us could never fathom on our own. Because the answers go back further than what we’ve experienced in our lifetimes.

Our personal frame of reference just doesn’t reveal what this book so systematically proves… our nation, our world is badly broken. And the fixes will require that we return to a society we’ve only read about in history books and novels about medieval times.

The book is Return To Order-Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go-From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society” by John Horvat II.

I have observed the recent upheaval with Brexit, the presidential campaign debacle in the U.S., our economy held together with duct tape, immoral Supreme Court Decisions, international terrorism striking in our own country, religious persecution of every kind, redefinition of the most basic aspects of life and so much turmoil that it seems impossible we can find our way again. This book provides a measure of hope that I have not seen or heard from others.

Perhaps most surprising is that the analysis and prescriptions are primarily based on economic issues. For those of us who are strong Catholic/Christians and see all the sin embodied in the factors I mentioned above, doesn’t it seem like the problems are more religious or spiritual? The interesting insight that I apparently never considered is that the economy is the way we live our lives. It’s our culture. It’s an expression of our values and it is all related organically.

So, yes, our moral values and sense of right and wrong is amiss. But, when it all worked much better (the world was never perfect) there were certain guiding principles, cultural norms and institutions that held it all together in an economy that reflected the best of the Bible and Catholic teaching.

The author, John Horvat, has been at this for over 20 years, studying every aspect of our economy and the history of what brought us to this point. He shows how we’ve become so enamored of materialism (what he calls frenetic intemperance), technology, “happiness”, individualism and getting our marching orders from the governments.

In this have-it-all, do-it-all, be-all-I-can-be society there really are no limits and no reason to sacrifice. Just keep spending and acting as irresponsibly as you want in all facets of your life. If you don’t like the answer, make up your own. Government will always somehow be there as a backstop and if it really gets messed up, it’s not my problem. Just blame the other party, other country or The Church. Whoever yells the loudest or has the media in his or her pocket wins the game.

Cracks in this approach are showing up everywhere we look. And, for those of us who do understand what Jesus taught us, it is no surprise. He is our way, our truth and our life. Trying to do all of this without His guiding compass is bound for failure, corruption and death for many souls.

Centuries ago, there was emphasis on smaller, feudal communities. The family was the core and there was an interdependence and order within the organic societies. This was before the United States was even conceived. When Europe flourished in medieval times, the Catholic Church was the pre-dominant driver of daily life and society. It wasn’t forced on anyone, but it just “worked”, organically as Horvat points out.

Certainly I can’t do the book justice here. Horvat writes in a compelling style that is full of footnotes, evidence, bibliography, stories and strong reasoned conclusions. The case is built little by little in bite sized chapters that make it easy to consume.

The problems are developed in a way that makes you see the underlying cause. The case for the Catholic approach to life is built. Again, Horvat demonstrates what used to work and what the root principles behind the economy and culture were.

While Horvat is obviously a conservative Catholic, he isn’t advocating some new Catholic world order or Catholic government. Rather, he just shows principles that work because they are true and moral.

Truth and morality always wins. Love wins. God is love. My own thought is that we will see resurgence in Catholicism when all of this falls apart. It is already happening in some parishes, countries, ministries and media outlets. Yes, there are growing numbers who despise our Church or are completely indifferent to Christianity. But, there are many who are awakening. This book is part of that awakening.

The Return to Order will take on a life of itself. How it will happen, I don’t think Horvat or anyone else knows. But, it will happen.

In the last short chapter, there are some very simple suggestions about what we can each do in our lives to spread this message and live this approach. There are no sweeping criticisms of politicians or calls to arms. There is no big legislative agenda.

But, this book has many of the answers to what may be gnawing at you as you see what is happening all around us. How could this world get so messed up?

I dare say this book is different than any other book you have read

You need to read this book.

And, we need to find a way to spread the message. It won’t happen in this election cycle. Much more bad stuff is going to happen. Out of this adversity and crisis we will need a new type of leader and a return to a way of life that can work.

I’d like to think that there are a few leaders somewhere who will read this book and act on it. Get the book to leading government officials, politicians, Christian/Catholic leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, ministries, parishes, men, women, students… Start the discussion.

Horvat and the organization he leads are thinking, substantive, moral and determined people who are willing to step up for our world. They offer this book for free at www.ReturnToOrder.org. What an expression of commitment and faith!

A press release on their web site says that they will reach about 250,000 books in print this summer. That is wonderful and there is momentum because this time last year there were 35,000 in print. But, we need millions in print. Soon.

Grab a copy today and see what you think. Spread the message and do what the book suggests for your own life.

And, let’s all pray for our world and our nation.



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