Growth Summits/Seminars

Your Marketing Strategy Headquarters

John has been delivering monthly growth summits for several years and is now doing so only as half day, daily or multi-day growth summits and seminars.


You should consider such a meeting for groups of business owners, sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and professional practice owners collectively learning how to implement the direct marketing strategies and techniques taught by marketing gurus, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and John Cohoat.

These Growth Summits will become your short-term MARKETING STRATEGY HEADQUARTERS and resource for thinking outside-the-box and are staying open to new ideas. John’s approach becomes “The Place” where entrepreneurs seeking fast and dramatic growth and greater control, independence and security come together. The goal which you will discover is:

John will put you on a journey to be 100% focused on learning about marketing that works.

Working with John in Growth Summits and probably ongoing mastermind or private client work will give you:

  • One-stop-shop resource for your Marketing Strategies
  • Fast and Dramatic Growth – More Business, More Money, More FUN!
  • Gaining greater control, independence and security and decreasing stress
  • Making your business your Slave rather than your Master
  • Proven innovative, original and radical strategies that WORK!
  • Leveraging offline and online means of attracting More Business [No matter what field you’re in]
  • Immunizing & Insulating your business from Recession

Working with John and those who attend his summits you will find:

  • Truly smart, progressive, aggressive entrepreneurs with a passion for marketing
  • A sincere desire to get rich and richer [with no apologies for doing so]
  • Business men and women who are optimistic with forward-looking attitudes
  • An open exchange of ideas, brain-storming and mutual support

If interested contact John at