Fundraisers, Copywriters, Entrepreneurs…. Think Big

I was struck by this article about how major universities are raising millions for research. $50 million plus. And, I know of one small, Catholic university right here in my home town, which got a donation over $20 million for a new medical school.

It takes big thinking to nurture and raise this kind of money. Investing in the relationship with the donor over decades sometimes. Surely, not just one page ask letters for the annual fund drive, which I’ve heard from some fundraisers is “the only thing that works. They won’t read more.”

Anyway, it’s this kind of big thinking we need to have the courage for. Asking for much, expecting much, going for the big prize. It’s necessary for not-for-profits and we also need to think bigger in all our businesses. There is a lot of money out there. Affluent people will give you that money for your products, services and donations if you know how to ask and don’t scrimp. Hire real marketing professionals, including skilled copywriters. Craft your messages. Invest in relationships and keep at it. The results will come to you!


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