With John as a speaker, you get someone who has over 35 years as and executive, business coach, consultant and entrepreneur. He’s owned his own businesses and used direct response marketing to make them grow. Plus, through his work guiding mastermind groups and with private clients, John offers a unique perspective on what really works to make your business grow. Finally, he’s recent author of “No Thank You, Mr. President”, where he shared stories of ten entrepreneurial companies from Elkhart County, Indiana.

John has spoken over his career to trade organizations, chambers of commerce, service clubs and business networking organizations. He’s also appeared on TV and radio and has been interviewed by numerous newspapers. He can tailor his talks from a 30 minute luncheon or breakfast meetings to day long seminars targeted to your group.


  • Magnetic Marketing for the New Economy
  • Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful
  • How to Say “No Thank You” to the Recession
  • Copywriting for Sales and Profits – Basics of Copywriting that Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know
  • Business Reinvention… Boosters & Breakthroughs To Change Your Success Equation
  • B2B Direct Response Marketing – How to Make Magnetic Marketing Work in Your Business.

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