Copywriting That Actually Sells… Creating an Asset for You (SEE What Others are saying about John’s writing at the bottom of this page)

Most copywriters view their craft as a means of explaining what the client’s product or service does and proclaiming the features to the readers. Often the “creative” copywriter will try to please you, so that you will be impressed by his prowess. However, this cute copy may fall very short in achieving the ultimate goal… sales and profits for your business.

John’s focus in his copywriting is completely different. First, along with you, he analyzes your unique selling proposition and then moves to creating an emotional connection with the reader. As the process unfolds, it becomes clearer what the message will be and how to craft triggers and copy that will elicit the response we want… a very pointed reaction that will be fully understood by the readers. We even delve into the objections in the prospect’s mind and find ways to address and overcome those objections, so that no barriers to action exist. Compelling offers, guarantees, bonuses, response boosters and more are studied to determine what formula is necessary to create our results. In some cases, the response will go directly to requesting a sale, but in others, we will create a lead so that we can then move them into a direct response marketing funnel system. Excellent copy has only one goal and John will help you discover that goal for each step in the marketing process.

The end result, after analysis of all critical aspects, is direct response marketing copy that creates an asset for you… a letter, ad, web copy, email sequence, etc. that will generate sales again and again. You will not just be engaging John to write a letter or ad. He is your strategic partner in creating prosperity for your business.

John brings years of expertise from writing copy for his own businesses and private clients. He has been trained by some of the world’s top copywriters, most notably Dan Kennedy. John continues to get monthly input and examples from Dan in nuances and advanced techniques that are far beyond what most business owners and paid copywriters have ever seen. When you engage John, you are truly getting a new approach that’s focus is razor sharp… How do we make money for you? Right now?


What Others are Saying About John’s Writing:

John Cohoat’s new book tells a story I know to be true, because I have visited Elkhart County and have friends from there. I am pleased that John has focused on the Midwest values of taking care of our own and rugged responsibility for our own recovery. With all the discussion in our Nation about what is the proper role of government, this book puts it all in perspective. These businesses and the people who work there are the real heroes in our Country and I’m pleased that you can learn more about them in this wonderful book.” Lou Holtz, Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach and ESPN Analyst

I’ve known John for over 4 years as a colleague, mastermind member, writer for our magazine, book author and joint venture partner on some of our clients. And, I can tell you one thing is that John is a guy who is determined to get the job done for you when he’s on the case. He is very loyal and doesn’t give up even when things don’t keep going the way he or you want. When I’ve had some challenges, John’s been there for me.

He’s a skilled copywriter and really understands direct response marketing. He knows how to bring all the media together so he’s written long form sales letters, emails, press releases, radio scripts, web site copy, postcards and more for our joint clients. And, he’s a great coach keeping the clients on track. He’s not afraid to challenge them when he needs to and gets his points across in a way that you know he’s making sense. I’ve seen some of his work for his own clients and businesses and he’s really brilliant at summarizing the essential elements of marketing strategy. Then, he brings it to life in emotional direct response copy that really connects with the readers.

If there is one thing more important than any other, it isn’t a skill at all, rather a way of being, and that is trust-worthy.  This is the thing I value in John more than anything else.  He has become a dear friend to me, and one thing is for sure, life is too short to be involved with anyone that you can’t consider a friend.  I’m honored to know John, have him work for me, and be given the opportunity to work alongside him on various projects.  Yes, he is a great copywriter who gets results, yes, he is a great project manager and strategist, and yes, above all else, he can be counted up on to be supportive and steadfast.

Thank you John and if you’re considering working with him, you’re either lucky or smart, best thing is to stand back and give him room to work you’ll be happy you did, John will prove a valuable asset and intricate part of getting-things-done in your life and business, I know he has in mine.”

Scott J Manning, MBA

“John contacted me early on in his writing process and I encouraged him to move forward quickly. As a first time author, John has done a masterful job. A Midwest guy myself, I can tell you John has captured the essence of Midwest entrepreneurial spirit. I didn’t personally know any of these companies before I read John’s book, but now I feel a real connection, much as I do with many of my clients who share the same values and hard working mentality. As you dive into John’s book, prepare to be inspired and to remember what is great about our Country.” Dan S. Kennedy, One of the Highest Paid Direct Response Copywriters and Business Author, Cleveland, Ohio

“Overall, John does a pretty darn good job with his copywriting. He demonstrates good understanding of direct response copywriting… no question about that. I like his use of language in the headlines and pre-headlines. Does a good, solid job of presenting benefits. His writing is nicely organized.” Bill Glazer, Master Copywriter and former Chairman ofGlazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Baltimore, Maryland.

“If you are looking a copywriter that understands not only persuasive copy but the entire marketing funnel and how to turn words into money, you’ve found him.  John Cohoat is one of the few who can take other people’s ideas, visions, and concepts and turn them into a powerful piece that delivers results over and over again.  His ability to comprehend and write about seemingly endless industries, niches, products, and services is astounding.  I can say for certain, there isn’t a project that John can’t make a winner.” Ryan Manning,, Nashville, Tennessee

“Hi John, yes we did get the book and I was very impressed.  Great job. I felt the book was accurate and very well written. I ordered several more copies and am looking forward to giving those out. Greg Puckett, Language Art, Middlebury, IN

“I really appreciate the effort it takes as a first time author, because I went through this the last year with my own book. John has done a masterful job finding great stories from our friends in Northern Indiana and has a put a unique spotlight on the entrepreneurial spirit. “ David A. Bego, President, Executive Management Services, Inc. and author, “The Devil at My Doorstep”, Indianapolis, Indiana

“When John Cohoat told me about his book at a recent talk in Elkhart County, I told him it’s wonderful to hear from the people of Elkhart County and know that they are focused on their own recovery. John’s book captures the spirit of small business in America today… moving ahead despite all the road blocks our Government is trying to put in their way.” Mike Pence, Former U.S. Congressman and Present Governor, State of Indiana


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