Ultimate Fast Start and Get’R Done Program

What’s the problem?

We’ve all been through it. We have the best of intentions and want to start off the year with a bang. Do a plan and follow through. This will be the year it will really happen for me.

What really happens?

We might spend a little time planning and even write down some goals and strategies. Maybe we’re not even sure that we’ve done enough analysis, but we can get that going later. But for sure, you’re going to track your goals this year. Then the year gets started. Gotta get to work… pretty soon the months pass by and nothing’s really changed.

Here’s the Ultimate Fast Start and Get’R Done Program that will ensure you are really working on your business and making changes.

First Critical Step:  Johyn will spend one day of interview and research time to perform an Extreme Consulting Diagnosis of your business. The Diagnosis will focus on the following areas:

  • History and Background of the business and roles of the owners.
  • “Big Picture” Questions as to what goals and vision the owners have for the business.
  • Analysis of the markets served by the business. Who are the customers/clients and how much do you know about the customers? What makes the clients tick? Who are ideal clients/customers? Market share?
  • Marketing messages. How well articulated? Features? Benefits? Offers? Use of proof to strengthen the message. Guarantees?
  • Client/customer needs and wants.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Media Used and Reasons Why.
  • Analyze Expenditures for Advertising and Marketing.
  • Customer/Client Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer/Client Communication Strategy.
  • Selling Systems
  • Overview of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Final Product of Diagnosis: After the meeting, John will prepare a report of findings with specific recommendations.

Implementation (Get’R Done) plan: You will participate in John’s Dan Kennedy Mastermind Study Group with monthly meetings. At each meeting there will be opportunity in a small group setting to review your progress towards the recommendations from the Extreme Consulting Diagnosis. You will get input from John and the other members of the Mastermind group, so you will experience the true Power of the Mastermind. The program automatically includes 6 months of the Mastermind group. You will have the option of extending your participation in the Mastermind Study group for as long as you’d like.

For the first six months, John will also have a monthly half hour phone conference with you to discuss your plans, answer your questions and ensure you are moving forward with your plan.

One Free Ad Critique:You will receive a certificate to submit one ad, sales letter, internet copy, brochure, etc. to John for review and written critique.

Plus, John will provide a number of books, checklists, audio CDs, free reports, swipe files and other tools which he uses on a regular basis with his private clients and Mastermind Study Groups. The value of all these tools is priceless and will be provided as the timing and need is right for you.

(John has personally spent well over $100,000 over the last few years acquiring these tools from mentors, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, plus participating in conferences, subscriptions, courses and Mastermind Groups. You get the benefit of these files provided to you. Examples include “The Ultimate Sales Letter”, “The Ultimate Marketing Plan”, how to prepare free reports, referral strategies, business breakthroughs,  etc. )

To summarize what you will receive:

  1. One Day Extreme Consulting Diagnosis with report of finding and recommendations.
  2. Six months of Mastermind Study Group with intensive monthly meeting with John and the rest of the mastermind team.
    a. Option to continue indefinitely at the same locked in rate for as long as you are receiving value from the group.
  3. One free Ad Critique done by John.
  4. Numerous other  books, free reports, marketing tools and swipe files provided as needed from John.


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