Marketing Strategy and Systems Development Plan

Monthly Coaching and Implementation Program

Approach:  John will facilitate monthly meetings with the private coaching client. Meetings and analysis will be focused on all facets of the company’s marketing systems and strategy. Among the areas for analysis and recommendations are the following with one or two topics suggested each month.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Development of Marketing Messages
  • Customer and Prospect Database Management
  • Current Customer Communication Plan
  • Prospect Communications plan
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing funnels
  • Sales Training
  • Product and service pricing strategy
  • Marketing/advertising expenditure analysis
  • Tracking of expenditures for ROI calculations
  • Media strategy
  • Web site reviews
  • Internet traffic strategies
  • Email marketing approach
  • New customer acquisition plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Use of testimonials or “proof” in marketing and advertising
  • Offers/bait to induce customers and prospects to take desired actions
  • Analysis of types of customers presently served including niches, demographics, etc.
  • Interview of a few customers and/or prospects
  • Development of “ideal” customer profile
  • Use of guarantees
  • Analysis of various “done for you” marketing and advertising services to enhance marketing systems
  • Strategies to attack/procure these ideal customers
  • Analysis of various business opportunities and niches not presently utilized
  • Analysis of features and benefits of product/services and how they are presented.
  • Review of all company sales and marketing materials
  • Other timely marketing and strategy topics as jointly identified by the coaching member or John Cohoat

Critical Goals of Monthly Analysis:  It should be noted the primary reason for embarking upon this program is the realization that all successful companies must recognize the importance of marketing. The monthly analysis will in effect be a mastermind process with John responsible for getting the “right questions” asked. By committing to this process, the coaching client is ensuring progress toward substantial growth in sales and profits is always a priority In fact, this process may even reveal certain types of business and customers that should be dropped in favor of more profitable opportunities, thus re-inventing the business.

Monthly Tasks: Together, you will decide on a topic or two for each month. Recognizing the importance of the Unique Selling Proposition, you may want to start there. Each month you will meet for 2 hours and John will research the topics ahead of time to ensure the meeting has a relevant agenda and there are appropriate materials to review. In some cases, John may request information be available for the meeting and/or prior to the meeting for review.

A short report of major findings and recommendations will be prepared by John each month. Jointly you determine the priorities of each of these items and how to implement any suggestions. If John is requested to do additional project work (e.g. writing a sales letter or preparing a new sales policy), that would be at additional billable time, which would be prior approved by the coaching client.

John will also be available by phone or email ( in the event of other questions or issues arise during the month and for which a quicker answer is desired.

Minimum Commitment: To ensure there is adequate emotional commitment to the process, a minimum 6 month commitment is required.

Monthly Investment: Contact John for a personalized quote.

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