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Welcome! You will learn more here about John Cohoat, Catholic Writer, Strategic Business Advisor, Author, Speaker, Copywriter and Business Coach. After years as a business owner, executive, consultant and copywriter, John is focusing his efforts on strategic projects for truly Catholic ministries and selected small businesses where he can offer insight, value and experience.

John jokingly refers to his “checkered past” as a serial entrepreneur where he’s been successful in various businesses in Indiana for over 40 years. From owning and operating several thriving companies to serving in an executive role with successful businesses, John has always been a mastermind at putting together innovative strategies for company growth. His career started at a Big 4 CPA firm, so he has financial acumen that always colors how he approaches results driven projects.

A lifelong Catholic and graduate of Notre Dame, John is comfortable talking about  his own Catholic spiritual journey. John is now at a comfortable place where he can focus on working with a few Catholic organizations and small businesses where he feels like he can make a difference. John has even started writing spiritual books and articles as he continues to grow in his own faith and writing.

People who know John well will tell you he’s a “thinker”. He’ll surprise you with how he might apply insight from a small business strategy to a way you might grow your small Catholic apostolate. And, he might do the same for your business, pointing out that what might seem OK in this business culture might not be so “right” in the greater realm of God’s kingdom. So, be prepared if you choose to work with John. His unique life and faith experiences combined with an insight and willingness to address hard issues might be just what you need, right now.


For the last several years John has worked primarily on his own small business. Beginning in 2009 John became a Certified No BS Business Advisor with Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. John had rigorous training by both Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. John conducted monthly Growth Summits and Mastermind Meetings educating area entrepreneurs, small business owners and many professional men and women with EFFECTIVE, RESULTS-ORIENTED, SAVVY, MONEY-MAKING, marketing strategies. In April 2013, John decided to focus on direct response copywriting and strategic marketing advice for private clients.

Professional Writers Alliance

John has become a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc.  (AWAI) to further hone his online and offline direct response marketing copywriting skills and network with other master copywriters. He’s focused on Writing for the Christian Market, Business To Business Projects and Web Writing as he’s grown with AWAI.

John is also a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild  and a Media Missionary for Eternal Word Television Network(EWTN).

We invite you to browse the pages of this site to learn more about John as Author, Speaker, Copywriter and Business Strategy Coach.

We’re confident you’ll find John to be an engaging leader, a man with integrity, a down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of guy who takes your project seriously. You won’t have to worry if the job will be done on time on half hearted. Engage John and you can be confident you’ll get his full attention.

Send an email to with any questions you might have. John would be thrilled to help!

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