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John Cohoat


John Cohoat

John jokingly refers to his “checkered past” as a serial entrepreneur where he’s been successful in various businesses in Indiana for over 30 years. From owning and operating several thriving companies to serving in an executive role with successful businesses, John has always been a mastermind at putting together innovative strategies for company growth. His career started at a Big 4 CPA firm, so he has financial acumen that always colors how he approaches results driven projects.

How May I Help You?

John is focusing his efforts on strategic projects for interesting Catholic ministries and selected small businesses where he can offer insight, value and experience.

Business Coach

John currently offers 2 one-on-one coaching programs. Please be advised due to the high demand for John’s services it is important you submit your request at your earliest possible opportunity. John’s calendar fills fast!


John has spoken over his career to trade organizations, chambers of commerce, service clubs and business networking organizations. He’s also appeared on TV and radio and has been interviewed by numerous newspapers. He can tailor his talks from a 30 minute luncheon or breakfast meetings to day long seminars targeted to your group.


Most copywriters view their craft as a means of explaining what the client’s product or service does and proclaiming the features to the readers. John’s focus in his copywriting is completely different. 

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